Oil Extra 250ml

All types of spark ignitions and compression ignitions are helped by the application of Oil Extra.

Designed for use at each service interval in up to 2.9 Litre Engines.
Add to engine oil through the oil filter.
Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils.

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Lambda's Oil Extra enriches the engine's lubricating oil.
Reduces the frictional loads on all moving parts, extending engine life.
Neutralising crank case acids.
Maintains oil pressure.
Prevents cold start rattle.
Reduces oil burning.
Particularly helpful in older engines.

Formulated to meet or exceed performance requirements of -

Mercedes Benz 229-3
BMW - LL-1
Porsche A40
Volkswagen 50200 & 50500
GM LL-B-025
RN 710 & RN 700
ACEA A3/B4/04