Oil Primer 125ml

Advanced formulation for the internal cleaning of engines, manual gear boxes and differentials.
Containing lubricants and extreme bearing pressure components for the protection of all moving parts during the cleaning process.

Designed for use in all small engines up to and including 1.9 Litre Engines.
Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils. 

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Areas of application for cleaning:

Drive shaft bearings
Oil sump
Piston rings and their seats
Oil pick up assembly
Cylinder liners
Oil lines and galleries
Cam shaft and cams
Lubricated turbo charger
Mechanical and hydraulic valve lifters
Injection pump
All lubricated surfaces where oil circulates under pressure.

Types of deposits:

Soft/hard carbon, tars, varnishes, lacquers, sludge, acid corrosion and condensates.

Method of application:
Always check the oil level of the dipstick, and ensure the reading is normal.
AFTER the product has been added to the crank case.
BEFORE changing the old oil and filter, add the Oil Primer to the engine oil.
Start the engine and let it run at idle for 10 minutes. Stop the engine, replace oil and filter.  Check efficiency of crankcase ventilation and exhaust gasses.
Before adding the treatment to the used oil, check its level to ensure that with the treatment added is normal.