Testimonials from happy customers

“The engine runs so silently and still that I took a while to adjust to it ” - Mr. Ang (Singapore)

 “Can Lambda perform well in new cars? Here’s my testimonial. I have a Ford Everest 2.5L Turbo Diesel in Jakarta. Current mileage 30,000KM. After Lambda, engine vibration reduced significantly. Fuel consumption from 520KM on 55L of Diesel to 600KM 0n 55L under 90% start/stop traffic condition. Lambda works amazingly well on my Diesel. Thank you ” - David (Indonesia)

 “I could not believe that Lambda can do wonders, I had asked one of my friends to accompany me inside my old car and feel the power, acceleration and the smoothness of the engine”  - Mohd Jani (Toyota Owner)

 “Just came back from Calamba, engine runs smoother.....better acceleration ” - Eugene (Philippines)

 “Your innovative technique on my BMW has made me feel like I am driving a new 320i, it runs so smoothly, just how I initially got mine 3 years ago - brand new ” - Vincent (Singapore)

 “My 10 year old Nissan Sentra is like brand new. I asked my mum whether she felt any difference with my car...She asked whether I have changed my engine because the car is so quiet and powerful” - Alex (Nissan Owner)

 “I am very pleased with the performance. Pickup and cruising is very good and very quiet, don’t feel the weight of the car. Performance is like a new car. Overall is very good” - Roger (Singapore)

 “Smoothness improved, acceleration ooze out from the engine and reduced noise level.” - Jeffery (Ford Owner)

 “It is a beautiful drive home, my car is 5 years old and going at 150,000KM...Lambda fully restored the lively feeling of my turbo charger to just like new. Really great product.” - Mr. Lee (Audi Owner)